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Villa Meeresgruss

The Baltic Sea Resort of Binz

Everyone's talking about Binz! The largest seaside resort on the island of Rügen has in recent years become the island's greatest testimonial.

The seaside resort offers a variety of cultural events for every taste at any time of the year. If you like spending your favourite time of year in hustle and bustle, you should come to Binz in the summer. If you'd like a bit more peace and quiet to look at the old, glamourous villas in „Bäderstil" and to experience the natural surroundings, then spring and fall are the seasons to come. And if you want the long stretches of beach to yourself to walk alone and ponder, look for a comfortable room in Binz in the winter.

The Baltic Sea resort borders on one side on the thick forests of Granitz. It's here you'll also find the hunting manor carrying the same name. On the other side of the town the road leads to Prora, to the "Schmale Heide" (narrow heath lands) and of course then there's the water. On the one hand the Baltic Sea and on the other lake "Schmachter See" with its "Park of the Senses".

The picture shows the main street of the Seaside resort of Binz looking in the direction of the beach; our friends at the Centralhotel Binz were kind enough to provide the photo.