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Villa Meeresgruss

The Island of Rügen

Congratulations! You’ve decided to spend the loveliest time of your year on Germany’s biggest island. The nearly 1,000 square kilometer large island has many sights and destinations in store for its guests at any time of year.  And just to clear this up in advance: you cannot ride all the way around the island by bicycle on just one day.

For this, however, there are buses, the narrow-gauge railway "Rasender Roland" and the tourist steamers available to take guests to many different locations on the island. An old German song goes: "A boat trip is fun...", maybe you're familiar with it. But seriously, climb aboard one of the cutters and take a look at, for instance, the chalk cliffs of Rügen from off shore. We can promise you breathtaking views.

Excursions to the neighbouring seaside resorts along the southeast coast of Rügen are just as worthwhile.  Glamorous seaside resorts, small villages and hidden courtyards are waiting to be found.  If you like hiking, you shouldn’t miss a walking tour through the Granitz Forest. A wealth of flora and fauna can be discovered and, once you’ve climbed to the top of the hill “Tempelberg”, you can visit the hunting manor of Granitz.  And here’s an insiders’ tip for you: climb up the central tower and check out the view over the island. Let your gaze sweep along the coast, inland towards the county seat of Bergen, over to the ducal town of Putbus and small island of Vilm and on to the distant horizon beyond the Baltic Sea.

You have more questions, you’re curious about the island? Our staff at reception will be pleased to inform you about suitable excursions and much more.